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Make a Hockey-Lovin' Face at Scotiabank Place!

So, I'm watching the latest episode of 30 Rock, and within the first scene, we find out that Danny (a Canadian character) is nominated for a Juno (which nearly had me shitting my pants with pride/embarrassment). Then he says that he was nominated for recording the Ottawa Senators' "psych-up" song.

Immediately cut to Danny on the jumbotron wearing a Sens jersey, in front of a Canadian flag singing

The crowd's getting loud
Scotiabank Place
Make a hockey-loving face
at Scotiabank Place

I nearly died. It's like a small percentage of the world knows my team exists? Or something? Why am I so proud? It was awesome.
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starpower! second generation

Which Is Something Elephants Also Do.

I'm still at work right now and I'm feeling very emotional. I usually go through months of ups and downs, and having just gone through a summer of fabulous joy and exultation, I am now entering a winter of darkness. The fall was ambivalent. Ha.

This usually hits closer to the holidays... Winter is never a good season. Granted, it's gorgeous and all that, but with the lack of sunlight, the holiday eating (I haven't put on any weight this year, thank goodness, but we'll touch more on this in a moment), my inability to go running during this season, and especially with the bus strike this year and not being able to go anywhere, it's no surprise my good mood is failing. I feel like a big, fat slug. I want to lose forty pounds, which I tried to do last year to no avail and I'm having trouble motivating myself. I feel really unattractive, so I want to lose weight, but because I feel so unattractive, I can't motivate myself. I just get depressed and want to eat a bunch or sleep for days. It's not helping my sluggish feelings.

Furthermore, I feel like I've lost a bunch of friends. I haven't been the best at keeping in touch with people and quite fairly no one has really made any effort to keep in touch with me. I feel that I should maybe reach out to them, those crazy kids that they are, but I definitely would feel awkward about it. It's a sticky situation.

I also feel like the relationships I have with the people at work are not, nor were they ever, as strong as I thought them to be. Several times a day, I feel neglected or abandoned by people who I thought maybe had even the slightest interest in my well-being... That sounds really complain-y and down on myself, and I don't mean it to. It's a simple fact that I have invested more emotionally in them, than they have in me (which is usually the case with new relationships with me). I guess my caring for them sort of tricks myself into thinking that they care an equal amount for me, even when they have no obligation to do so. It is entirely not to be expected of someone, I'm just weird and like people too much.

Still, it's sort of depressing when I get rejected, even a bit, or am ignored throughout the day for no reason. I have trouble doing that to people, unless I genuinely am busy, and so it's... It's just something about which I have to be rational, but my first instinct is to become upset. It's really unfortunate.

I want to be skinny.

Still, I'm trying to remain as positive as possible. Nobody likes someone who is cranky, or depressed all the time. I really do need to let things roll off my shoulders. I'm trying. I really am. I'm making a concerted effort. And who knows? The sunlight's lasting longer each day, I'll be able to go running in probably two months... I can always bike (although it's hard to get access to the stationary bike on weekdays) and if I just commit myself to eating less, I'm sure even that will make me feel better.

I just need to concentrate on good things, is all. That's not so tough.
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I'm Pretty Sure I Can't Draw Dignity.

I'm pretty happy, I think.

Some minor setback, every now and then... but mostly, I've been feeling really good. I think people may actually enjoy my company.

I don't know how I managed to get mustard on my bed spread.

I'm sleepy AND hungry. Oh my.
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BOTH of the Mulligan Twins...

Well, gosh. I am just plum confused lately. Can't figure a single thing out. I've been told one thing, shown another... Frankly, if things get any worse, I will no doubt catch a case of the dizzies and collapse right here! Of course, I am lying down so the effect would be mostly lost. But it could just as easily happen later when I'm standing.

I bought Barenaked Ladies tickets for December 13th! They're playing the NAC, which is quite expensive, so I'm offering up a ticket to anyone who wants to go tax free! That's still $73, but since I paid $175 for two tickets after taxes and online service charges, it really is a deal. The thing is that Matt has said he'd really like to go, but I haven't heard a solid yes on whether or not he'll pay me the money and Carly has said she'd go if no one else will, even though she'd rather NOT spend the money... so if I find someone who's dying to go and has cash available now/soon... Yeah. There's a good chance you can have the ticket.

I know what you're thinking, "why did she buy tickets if she didn't have anyone to go with?" And, well, I'm going regardless and wanted the best seats I could get. They're also pretty darn good. Fourth row, a few seats from centre, Steve side. They can be seen here. It would be a shame for me to go alone.

In other news, I went to the Senator's game last night and must say the third period was incredibly exciting. They nearly made a stupendous come back. I was disappointed when they didn't, but at least they regained some of their dignity. I hope they do well this year and I'd like to note that I was a little disappointed Coach Bombay didn't show up.

I also had to go to work today, seeing as I, well, volunteered. Ha. I bussed an hour and a half in the rain, only to find out the server had been down for three hours. I stayed for twenty-five minutes before getting sent home. I still get paid for at least three, though, so that's nice. Then I bussed home in the pouring rain for another hour and a half. Yikes! Oh well. Matthew was lucky enough I let him know that he shouldn't come in, before he even woke up apparently. So, not only did he sleep in, but didn't have to go out in the rain at all. I find this highly unfair.

Finally, I'm going to soothe my aching head and confused heart with gobs of new underpants. Far, far too many underpants...
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